Important Things to Know About Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the popular surrogacy destinations chosen by international intended parents. The country has the best surrogacy facilities, egg donation agencies, and surrogate mothers to support the surrogacy procedure. Local women are largely involved in the procedure and, thus, the surrogacy cases are handled successfully without any delay or hazard. International intended parents find it very easy to look for a sperm or egg donor in Ukraine. Egg and sperm donors are easily available at affordable prices. The surrogacy centers operating in the country are all empanelled with several quality egg and sperm donors, who fulfill the requirements without any delay. This is one of the major reasons that people from European countries visit Ukraine for their surrogacy purpose. Living standard is high in the country and the surrogate mothers working here are all habituated to live in a clean and safe environment. Is Surrogacy in Ukraine Legal Surrogacy law is properly regulated in Ukraine by surrogacy contract as per the federal law of the country. The countries law of surrogacy clearly gives all the rights of the child to the intended parents soon after its birth. The birth certificate is issued which has the intended parents name to mention as the sole guardian of the child. The surrogate mother is not eligible to have any right or hold on the child after she delivers it. Ukraine Surrogacy...

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Plan your Risk Free Surrogacy Journey

Many infertile couples have been going for surrogacy in order to have a genetically connected child. Surrogacy procedure is often taken by couples who have been tired of failed pregnancies through IVF procedure. This is the time when they remain most sensitive to become parents, and at the same time remain restless due to the previous failed experiences. It will not be too much to say that intended couples remain mentally vulnerable during this time as they have almost lost all of their energies, major part of their money and a lot of trusts. While choosing surrogacy, it is important for intended parents to go through every clause and details of the surrogacy agency before signing up. As a matter of fact, intended couples look for a dependable shoulder during this time. They have the mental set up of a soldier lost in the battle and giving his final shot to recover from it. This is the best time for the surrogacy agencies to make them understand anything that they want. Intended couples remain far from rationality during this time and the only thing they are looking for now is “dependency”. It is when some cheats win them over with bunches of false promises. With the growing numbers of surrogacy agencies in the fertility business these days, it is difficult to understand which one is genuine and which one is...

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What should men know before IVF

Both genders are equally likely to experience fertility issues. Infertility affects about 7% of men’s population, however, it seems as if the society is not well aware and has a lack of knowledge around the subject. What should every man know about fertility and before IVF? Men can produce sperm throughout their lifetime. A healthy young man will produce about 100 million sperm daily and 50 million per ejaculate. When a man goes through temporary health problems, sperm quality can be affected but it will return to the normal after the successful treatment. According to the commonly spread myth,when trying to conceive, a couple should constrain themself from having sex and save maximal effort for the ovulation period. The information they usually have is that sperm supply could be wasted. This knowledge is absolutely false and therefore brings more stress to the process. The sperm supply can not be wasted because male body produces it continually. Opposite to this belief, it is the best practice to enjoy the life, not constrain oneself from the sexual life and not allow stress to lead to the worse results. It will usually be impossible to study male fertility without the semen analysis. While ejaculating, semen includes sperm as well as other protein and sugar substances. Analysis will study the semen sample and focus on the following parts : Sperm count - what is...

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Top 5 Surrogacy Clinics in Ukraine

The journey of a surrogacy program is a combination of stress, emotions, and hope for any Aspiring parent. Surrogacy agencies in Ukraine commit to provide transparent information on the fertility treatment and guide you towards a joyous parenthood. Intended parents research a lot before registering themselves for a surrogacy program. It is a crucial decision for them to for a surrogacy program, and even more crucial to find the best of it. They explore every option available to them depending on their fertility status. IVF treatment has developed a lot in the past decade. It has gained multiple dimensions with the implementation of cryopreservation and egg/sperm donation. Intended parents now have a wider range of options available for them to choose the best suitable program for their requirement. IVF centers help childless couples to navigate through these developments of surrogacy and assists couples to make the best choice. There are a lot of centers that offer Surrogacy program in Ukraine to choose from. Before undergoing this type of procedure, one must pick a reputable facility that is able to provide fertility treatment at its best. These centers typically should be known to perform a significant number of successful similar treatment procedures, have highly trained staff and known specialization in Surrogacy. They should also have up-to-date equipment for a smooth and successful procedure. Let us read about the top 5 surrogacy...

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Surrogacy and Infertility

It is a big decision for the intended parents to move ahead to surrogacy in the path of their infertility treatment. Intended parents spend many years in order to achieve pregnancy. Not only time, money plays an important role for them here. However, we completely understand the dilemma that intended parents go through. But they can always find comfort in surrogacy as they see their child growing in someone else’s womb and coming to this earth for them. Surrogacy may not give them the gestational experience, but then all that they ever wanted was to become parents, isn’t it? Giving up the experience of pregnancy can be a tough call for many intended parents. But after a long trial of a failed pregnancy, they have to make a tough decision for themselves. It is like choosing between two tough things after comparing which one is less painful for them. Facing one after another pregnancy failure is no less painful than giving up the pregnancy experience. The best way to seek help on this tough decision is to talk to the infertility counselor and professional surrogacy consultant. They are experts in the field of infertility to give you a broader view of the real picture. You can see where the trials are actually leading you to. Hence, you will be in a better position to make a firm and correct decision....

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Repeated Implantation Failure

Infertility becomes one of the biggest lifestyle problems in the global world today. Most couples suffer from this issue and seek fertility treatment at various fertility clinics. The treatment of infertility in couples has increased rapidly in recent years. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) cycles are performed all over the world to combat infertility in intending parents. Ovarian stimulation, suboptimal laboratory culture conditions and various faults in embryo transfer techniques cause failure in conception and pregnancy. This results in low pregnancy rate (PR) in women. People with high pregnancy and delivery rates suffer from repeated implantation failure (RIF) that delays pregnancy. This article aims to summarize the reported aetiologies for RIF for a better understanding of the intended parents. Understanding RIF – Is it Normal? Out of every 10 high-grade embryo transfers 2 to 6 of the IVF cycles do not achieve success in the first three attempts. As per the recent treatment trend of infertility one or two embryos are transferred at a time. It is normal for women under the age of 40 to experience a maximum of 3 failed attempts while women over the age of 40 can experience up to five or six times of failed IVF cycle. This failure is considered to be normal in IVF treatment procedures as there are multiple unexplained reasons for failed attempts. In case there are more attempts of failures recorded...

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