Surrogacy in Ukraine

Once you’ve decided to proceed with a surrogacy program, it’s time to consider where you would like for the program to take place. Family Surrogacy strategically works with locations throughout the world, such as Ukraine, to provide parents with the best fit for their family.

While working alongside Family Surrogacy as you plan, prepare, and go through your surrogacy journey, our team will be here to walk you through every step of the way. This includes assistance, guidance, and simplification for the necessary paperwork and documents involved in your Ukraine surrogacy program.

Surrogacy Eligibility in Ukraine

All parents-to-be seeking surrogacy in Ukraine are required to abide by Ukrainian legislation about their program. Surrogacy in Ukraine has been legal since 2000, but programs are currently only available for married heterosexual couples.

Additionally, it is a Ukrainian requirement that the parents provide medical reports and statements from their medical professional confirming their inability to conceive without the assistance of a surrogate mother. To be eligible in Ukraine, one of the following must be true:

  1. Absence of a womb
  2. Deformation of the uterus
  3. Somatic diseases
  4. Synechiae of the womb cavity
  5. Unsuccessful IVF attempts (a minimum of four, with embryos used)

Ukraine Surrogacy Law

Parents-to-be approved for a surrogacy program in Ukraine can feel confident in their program. Per Ukrainian surrogacy law, when embryos are obtained and created through IVF and implanted into the uterus of a surrogate mother to carry the child through pregnancy, the surrogate mother has no prenatal rights to the child. This prevents potential complications following the birth of the baby, as only the parents-to-be have legal rights to the child, and only their names will appear on the Ukrainian birth certificate.

To ensure all laws are followed, parents-to-be will also need to sign and provide the following documentation throughout the program, which Family Surrogacy will assist with:

  • Notarized contracts between the surrogate mother and parents-to-be
  • A notarized Power of Attorney (POA) with the stamp of apostille
  • Copies of passports for both parents-to-be
  • A marriage certificate with the stamp of apostille (please speak with a Family Surrogacy representative for more information)

The Role of Family Surrogacy

The team at Family Surrogacy is trained, experienced, able to understand Ukraine’s surrogacy laws and regulations to assist all parents-to-be who are undergoing a Ukrainian program. Our goal is to simplify this process to the best of our abilities, ensuring that your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. If any question arises, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team to receive the answers you need.

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