Surrogacy in Georgia

Family Surrogacy believes parents from all walks of life and backgrounds who are ready and capable of beginning or growing their family deserve access to the same opportunities to make their dreams of parenthood become reality.

Our team will work closely with carefully selected locations throughout the world, including those in Georgia. Georgia’s facilities are well-equipped and known for their high-quality customer care and success rates. They offer their help and fertility services to a variety of parents-to-be, including HIV-positive couples.

Surrogacy Legislation in Georgia

Georgia is an ideal location for many intended parents seeking IVF and surrogacy services due to its strict legislation, which protects the parents and prevents potential complications from arising following the birth of the baby.

According to Georgian law, only the parents of the baby have legal rights to register as the parents, without any consent needed from the surrogate mother. This law remains in effect even in the case of egg donation, meaning that the surrogate mother waives any rights to the child and only the parents will be deemed the legal guardians.

The birth certificate will be issued almost immediately following the childbirth, within one day, with the parents’ names on the birth certificate — just like with any other certificate created for a child born without the assistance of a surrogate mother. For the parents-to-be to register as the parents of the baby, the following is required:

  • Surrogacy Agreement
  • Certificate of Embryo Transfer (issued by the IVF clinic)
  • Certificate of Childbirth (issued by the maternity hospital)

Issuing the birth certificate does not require the assistance of a legal representative, and the parents will be able to bring their baby back to their home country following the issuance of the birth certificate. More information can be obtained by viewing the Parliament of Georgia and the Ministry of Health Labour and Social Affairs websites, or by contacting Family Surrogacy.

The Role of Family Surrogacy

Before committing to a program, the team at Family Surrogacy will communicate with you to determine your wants and needs, and to ensure that a program in Georgia will be the best fit for your family.
Georgia is a highly desirable location for a variety of parents-to-be because of its high success rates and availability of programs such as Guaranteed Number of Embryo Programs and Guaranteed Surrogacy Packages. These programs help to alleviate much of the financial, emotional, and mental stress commonly associated with infertility programs, and Family Surrogacy is happy to walk alongside your family as you make this decision and embark on your journey to parenthood via a Georgia Surrogacy Program.
To learn more about the reputable clinics in Georgia and get answers to your questions, we encourage you to contact us.

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