Family Surrogacy Events

As part of our commitment to providing parents-to-be with the best possible care, we regularly host events throughout the world that are available to prospective parents and individuals interested in learning more about who we are and what we do.

To discover more about us and learn how we can guide you along your journey to parenthood, we encourage and invite you to join us by attending an event or workshop, or scheduling a complimentary Skype consultation with a member of our team.

International Events Schedule

Because Family Surrogacy works with a variety of reputable IVF and surrogacy facilities throughout the world, we hold our events in many of the major global cities. This makes it easier for our parents-to-be to attend these events to learn more about us and meet with our representatives in person.
Also, it opens the door for prospective parents to explore where they may be able to embark on their journey toward parenthood. To see if Family Surrogacy will be traveling to a city near you, please see below. And please check back often, as this page will be updated as more events become available! If you don’t see your city or a convenient location on the list, we are happy to schedule a Skype consultation. These consultations are complimentary for all intended parents.

Family Surrogacy Workshops

Our team works diligently to be able to provide answers to all of your questions. To stay abreast of the latest information and innovations in the fertility field, Family Surrogacy hosts a number of workshops around the world. Prominent IVF doctors and embryologists are invited to attend these workshops to answer and discuss patient questions that our team receives, so we can then relay this information to you efficiently and accurately.

Our workshop calendar will be published on this page and updated regularly, so please bookmark it so you can check back regularly to find a workshop you would like to attend!

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