Cross Border Surrogacy

Family Surrogacy has been and will always be committed to providing parents-to-be with exceptional care and guidance as they decide to embark on their IVF or surrogacy journey. Our team is dedicated to consistently offering compassion and open communication with all parents from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances. 

As we meet to discuss your wants and needs, feel confident that we will assist you to make the best decision for your growing family. We will also make sure to select a facility from a variety of locations throughout the world that fits your circumstances.

A Globe of Opportunity

Family Surrogacy’s Cross Border Surrogacy Program is a new program we developed as part of our commitment to ensuring that our intended parents receive the highest quality care with the highest possible success rates — especially when it comes to selecting a reputable facility.

This new program is an international commercial surrogacy program that leverages our position as a provider with presence in various locations around the globe, expanding our reach to make a positive impact on parents that come to us for guidance. This allows us to offer our unique service with numerous advantages drawn from several countries we work with.

Cross Border Advantages

The facilities we work with are all reputable locations known for their quality and success rates, which greatly benefit our parents-to-be as they embark on their journeys to parenthood. These same advantages are available through our Cross Border Programs, which offer:

  • Careful selection of surrogate mothers
  • Excellent, reputable international facilities
  • Reliable and compassionate prenatal care
  • Travel and accommodation assistance

Our Cross Border Surrogacy Programs are available in desirable locations, including Asia and Europe. We encourage intended parents interested in more information on these programs to contact us for more information. A Family Surrogacy team member is available to answer your questions and discuss your needs as you start your journey.

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