Surrogacy and Infertility

It is a big decision for the intended parents to move ahead to surrogacy in the path of their infertility treatment. Intended parents spend many years in order to achieve pregnancy. Not only time, money plays an important role for them here. However, we completely understand the dilemma that intended parents go through. But they can always find comfort in surrogacy as they see their child growing in someone else’s womb and coming to this earth for them. Surrogacy may not give them the gestational experience, but then all that they ever wanted was to become parents, isn’t it?
Giving up the experience of pregnancy can be a tough call for many intended parents. But after a long trial of a failed pregnancy, they have to make a tough decision for themselves. It is like choosing between two tough things after comparing which one is less painful for them. Facing one after another pregnancy failure is no less painful than giving up the pregnancy experience.

The best way to seek help on this tough decision is to talk to the infertility counselor and professional surrogacy consultant. They are experts in the field of infertility to give you a broader view of the real picture. You can see where the trials are actually leading you to. Hence, you will be in a better position to make a firm and correct decision.

Intended parents, who have crossed more than 6 attempts of pregnancy, are usually recommended to go for a surrogacy program. If you have 6 or more failed pregnancy attempt, it is very clear that your body is not ready to support the pregnancy. The decision of going for next attempts may cost you a lot of your time, money and energy. People usually start infertility treatment at a later age. Hence, it becomes important for them to be mindful towards the time they have invested.

We at all do not deny the fact that it is a tough call for you to switch to surrogacy from trying again to be pregnant. However, medical professionals will be the right people to guide you to take a correct decision on time. Ask the following questions to yourself as you face this dilemma. Consult these factors with your consultant to come to a better and timely conclusion.

1. Are you mentally prepared to give up on trying other infertility treatments?

You are today in this dilemma because you have undergone many treatment plans to correct infertility but failed each time to become pregnant. Ask yourself whether you want to go for it again? It’s time to take a rational decision. You already have spent a lot of your time and money on this. Now, surrogacy might be the next fruitful option for you. But, if you still hold on to the hope of being pregnant with IVF, you are not ready to embrace surrogacy. Surrogacy, on the other hand, is a major decision and also demands a lot of your time, energy, and, of course, money. Take your time and find the option that gives you maximum comfort.

2. What is more important to you, Parenthood or Pregnancy?

Intended parents have to make a choice between parenthood and pregnancy. You have to think and decide which one of these two is more important to you? What has been your ultimate dream? Whether it is to enjoy the gestation or to nurture your baby on your lap? Ask these questions to you and you will certainly be in a position to choose what is best suited for you.

3. Will you be able to let someone else carry your baby in her womb?

The baby’s in-utero development occurs in the surrogate mother’s womb in surrogacy. You have to make sure that you are prepared to begin the process of surrogacy and let someone else carry your baby in her womb. Surrogate mothers are screened to physically and mentally before given the responsibilities of surrogacy. There is a legal contract signed between the two parties that states the detailed expectation that you have from her (and vice versa) in the journey of surrogacy. Thus, you will be able to trust in your surrogate and be addressing all your feelings to her as they arise during your surrogacy process.

4. Do you have frozen embryos stored for you?

Intended parents, who decide to go for surrogacy program for infertility treatment, can use their embryos to form the baby. Thus, they can be parents of their genetically connected child. If you have had stored your leftover embryos, you can use them too!

5. Have you spoken vividly to your infertility counselor about your options?

It is important to speak to your infertility counselor to know in details about the procedure of surrogacy. They are family-building professionals who give you the best advice when you are stuck in a rut with your current infertility options and surrogacy process.

6. Does your partner also feel the same way that you do?

Parenthood is an important decision for the couple. Make sure that you make the decision as a couple and like a couple. You two have to come to the same page before taking such an important decision. So speak with your partner and talk about every concern related to your case.

Ending words

Making a switch from infertility treatment to surrogacy is an important decision for intended couples. They have to consider each variable in their case while evaluating the effectiveness of this decision. It is important to save time, money and energy or else it will not be possible to enjoy parenthood as it embraces you. Hence, go for a real rational decision and welcome surrogacy in your life to bring home your bundle of joy!

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