Maka Mebaghishvili

Patient Coordinator

Maka is the Foreign Patient Flow Coordinator at our clinic. She graduated with honors from the Georgian Technical University (Faculty of Translator-Reviewer). Besides, she also studied in Spain, in particular at the University of Salamanca. Maka has been working with foreign patients since 2008; she has been coordinating both English-Spanish patients as well as future partners. Maka is distinguished by an individual approach to all existing or future patients; her main purpose is to provide timely and detailed information to patients about treatment and clinic services. Maka’s charming, friendly attitude provides a professional and reliable environment for patients visiting the clinic.

Maka is your first contact person and she will help you to properly select and plan the most important treatment process for you.

Maka speaks Georgian, Russian, Spanish, and English.

Khatia Salia


For receiving LLM, Khatia Salia continued her studies at the Caucasus University School of Law after graduating from the Faculty Law at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. As a lawyer, she has working experience in leading reproductive clinics and has a high sense of responsibility.

Khatia's responsibilities are to provide legal support for the clinic, preparation of legal documents, representation of the clinic in communication with patients, state and other organizations, and legal examination of documents.

Khatia is distinguished with an eye for detail and precision, which ensures that legal issues at the clinic are dealt with in a timely and complete manner.
Khatija speaks Georgian, Russian, Spanish, and English.

Sophie Gabriadze

Patient Coordinator

Sophie was graduated from Tbilisi Medical University and pursued her further studies in Tallinn, Estonia where she had obtained Master of Science Degree in Healthcare engineering. After her return from Estonia, Sophie has started work at Ministry of Health Care as a Health care expert were she had developed her further practical skills and knowledge.

As Patient Coordinator at Beta Plus Fertility, Sophie manages and coordinates new inquiries from future parents as well as from partners. Her empathetic and charismatic personality enables her to provide support and guidance in a way to ensure patients’ satisfaction. Sophie answers initial questions in great details, introduces available treatment options and handles communication for the final agreement. Sophie is your primary contact when you start to consider carrying out your fertility treatment with us.

Tamuna Liparteliani

Tatia Meskhi

Egg donor and surrogate mother coordinator

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Tbilisi University of Education, Tatia attended trainings on various topics at the same university and gained both theoretical and practical knowledge. She then decided to pursue a professional career in social media and PR. After several years of experience in the field, she has developed skills such as: time management, planning, organisation.

Tatia has joined our clinic team as coordinator of egg donors and surrogate mothers. Tatia meets with potential donors and surrogates, informs them about all the details of the programme and makes sure they feel confident, comfortable and safe. She is always available to answer any questions surrogate mothers and donors may have, to make them feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Tatia has a high sense of responsibility for her work, her communication skills and her ability to work in a team. She makes sure that every Beta Plus clinic patient leaves us satisfied and successful, and that the whole process is smooth and reliable.

Nino Sukhitashvili


After completing her studies at the Faculty of Business Administration at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Nino worked on various positions in leading banks of Georgia. She later decided to study accounting additionally and received work experience in various large and successful companies. Nino continues to deepen her knowledge and she is a student of the ACCA International Program.

Nino keeps the financial management of the clinic at Beta Plus Fertility Clinic. She is responsible for providing financial information to management, organizing documentation and all other financial issues.

Nino is distinguished by her attention to detail and her accuracy, ensuring timely and comprehensive financial performance at the clinic.

Languages: Georgian, English and Russian.

Elene Gelashvili

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