Tamar Maziashvili

Chinese Patient’s Coordinator


Tamar was graduated from Tbilisi state University and obtained her master’s degree in philology After graduation she continued her further studies in Jurisdiction and obtained Bachelor’s degree in law. Later on, she was graduated from University of Beijing, where she studied Chinese language and literature.

From 2004 she works as an English teacher in Beijing governmental school, 2006 begins her work in Chinese Chancellery of Industrial Advisor in Georgia. From 2008-2017 she works in Hulling Group as a chief translator. At the same time, she works as a legal adviser in several International companies like :Huaqiang Building”, “Nisong garden”, “China metallurgical Construcción Engineering Group.Co.LTD” the Georgian branch”, China, Xinjiang National Television Georgian branch, “American company Optical System Inc. Georgian branch.

Tamar Joined Family Surrogacy from 2018 as a Chinese Patient Coordinator and managing partner. At Family Surrogacy Tamar deals with Chinese Patients and coordinates their programs in a smooth and caring athmoshepre. As a highly empathetic person, she takes couple’s fertility problems close to her heart and makes sure, everybody leaves us with loving baby in their arms.

Languages: English, Georgian, Chinese

Tamar Maziashvili

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